Moving Day!

This day has been a long time coming. As I wrote on my original Heather’s Helsinki blog, it’s all about growing up and leaving the nest. The physical part started just one short month ago. The thoughts behind the move were already forming at least five years ago.

Finally we are here. With all the endless possibilities that moving brings. My mind is buzzing with all the fun stuff that I’ll be putting into practice. These are just a couple of the things that you’ll be seeing on the blog in the coming months: a new series of posts and some interesting competitions! I’m a huge fan of social media and after fiddling and playing and fiddling a little bit more, I’ve decided that these are the best forums for Heather’s Helsinki: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. If you look up and to the right you’ll see all the buttons lined up!

Of course moving is always stressful, no matter how well prepared you are. I had a severe case of butterflies this morning as the clock ticked down to midday. The ‘moving company’ had done their homework though, and everything seems to be in the right ‘room’ already.

If you are a new friend visiting Heather’s Helsinki for the first time, welcome. If you have time, please leave a comment to say hello. I love the comment part of blogging, it makes it all worthwhile!

If you’re an old friend, naturally I’m also eagerly waiting to hear from you and your thoughts on my new page.

Plenty of autumn shades still to be seen. Enjoy it while you can!

Here in Helsinki we are enjoying a delightfully (and unseasonably) warm dry autumn this year. It has meant that the leaves are staying on the trees longer and the colours are much richer. This is why autumn just might be my favourite season.

A word on the featured image: the Heather’s Helsinki character makes me smile every time I see her. I just have to share her.

2 Responses to “Moving Day!”

  1. Felicity

    Well done! So very proud of you. Hope that we can catch up with you in the very near future 😉


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