Fork In Hand

I’ve been twittering about this on and off for the last month and now we are just days away from our first outing!

Fork In Hand came about following a chance meeting with the Social Media Coordinator for Visit Helsinki. We got chatting and as is always the case with me, the conversation leapt in many different directions. One of the topics we covered was food tours. That was enough. My mind went off in all sorts of directions and after a good night’s sleep I knew who I had to contact.

Enter the other half of this little adventure: Veronica! We met when I purchased from her some lovely shoes and a cute bag. We hit it off and I told her that if anything came up, I’d keep her in mind. Many months later, it was time to make good on my word…

In short, Veronica is the Italian face behind WE Factory and the other half of Fork In Hand. She also has a fantastic earring fashioned from a fork. Everybody that sees that fork wants that fork! (To get a closer view of the fork, head over to our Facebook page.)

In short our idea is to tell you about food, food culture and design as we walk through the centre of Helsinki. We’ve lined up some great places to visit and hope that there is something for everybody!

Watch these pages for more updates in the coming days!

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