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… and the weather is…

Lightning 2013

I was reading our daily paper earlier in the week and came across some interesting numbers. For the month of June, 2013 there were … wait for it… 78,000 lightning strikes in Finland. Yes, that is correct seventy-eight thousand. That’s an awful lot of electricity. The next interesting statistic to grab my attention was the… Read more »

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Wood Stack Art as seen on Helsinki's Kaunissaari

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be on the water and visiting one of Helsinki’s pearls: Kaunissaari (Beauty or Beautiful Island). It’s a very interesting island, almost in the open sea, one side covered with thick forest and the opposite side featuring wind-swept rocks. Although it’s not a big island, 2 km long and… Read more »

Here’s to 2013!

Kivinokka 2011

I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all of my visitors, past and present! 2012 was Helsinki’s 200th birthday, and it was the year that Helsinki was the World Design Capital. For me personally, it was the year I met Tom from Yobot, only to mourn his loss a few short months later…. Read more »

What does Finland mean to you?

Åland sunset

To my valued followers, I’d like to explain my absence. Over summer I enrolled in a short course at the Helsinki Summer School, which in turn inspired me to continue my studies. Subsequently I’ve enrolled in studies that will assist me in my long-term goals. Short term it means that I’m a little strapped for… Read more »

Helsinki’s Hidden Treasures # 2

Pyysaari 'Palma de Pyy' matches

Helsinki has many islands in the immediate surroundings. Some are large, connected to the mainland by bridge or causeway, well populated and completely serviced with shops, schools and all regular city conveniences. Others are large enough to accommodate a single-room cottage and not much more. Still others belong to the military, and although no longer… Read more »

Helsinki’s Hidden Treasures # 1

This post is written on the go and regrettably I’m not able to upload any pictures at this point. Did you know that Helsinki City owns parcels of land outside the city limits? One of those parcels features as today’s Hidden Treasure: Elisaari. Elisaari is an island located off the Hanko peninsula, heading west from… Read more »

The forecast for today is…

Don’t be fooled by the phrase ‘midsummer’. Yesterday it was overcast in Helsinki, followed by plenty of wind and rain. Proper rain, not warm summer rain! Late in the day the sun put in a brief appearance, pushing through a late afternoon fog, before evening showers set in. The maximum recorded in the city centre… Read more »