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Helsinki’s Hidden Treasures # 2

Pyysaari 'Palma de Pyy' matches

Helsinki has many islands in the immediate surroundings. Some are large, connected to the mainland by bridge or causeway, well populated and completely serviced with shops, schools and all regular city conveniences. Others are large enough to accommodate a single-room cottage and not much more. Still others belong to the military, and although no longer… Read more »

Helsinki Päivä / Helsinki Day

All this for a blog! (This is just not any old blog :)!)

Today, June 12th, is Helsinki Day! Helsinki’s birthday. One of those very special days that the City hosts; when there are events galore to choose from. Many are free of charge and there is always something for everyone! I will post about Helsinki Day in more detail later. For now I would like to share… Read more »

Bus, Ferry, Train or Tram?

The all important card. To borrow from a certain credit card supplier 'don't leave home without it'

Which one to use to get where you are going? It depends! For instance if I want to be somewhere in a hurry I’ll take the metro. Now, it is not the world’s most extensive network as you can see. However, it will deliver me to the city centre from Herttoniemi in about 15 minutes…. Read more »