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Fork In Hand

I’ve been twittering about this on and off for the last month and now we are just days away from our first outing! Fork In Hand came about following a chance meeting with the Social Media Coordinator for Visit Helsinki. We got chatting and as is always the case with me, the conversation leapt in… Read more »

Moving Day!

Heather's Helsinki

This day has been a long time coming. As I wrote on my original Heather’s Helsinki blog, it’s all about growing up and leaving the nest. The physical part started just one short month ago. The thoughts behind the move were already forming at least five years ago. Finally we are here. With all the… Read more »

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

This week’s photo challenge raises that rare dilemma: which pictures to choose?! I actually hit the pavements early yesterday morning and collected some very nice paving and cobblestone pictures. Then I remembered our visit to Galerie Anhava earlier in the summer. The artist in question was Pe Lang and the exhibition name was Moving Objects…. Read more »

… and the weather is…

Lightning 2013

I was reading our daily paper earlier in the week and came across some interesting numbers. For the month of June, 2013 there were … wait for it… 78,000 lightning strikes in Finland. Yes, that is correct seventy-eight thousand. That’s an awful lot of electricity. The next interesting statistic to grab my attention was the… Read more »

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Wood Stack Art as seen on Helsinki's Kaunissaari

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be on the water and visiting one of Helsinki’s pearls: Kaunissaari (Beauty or Beautiful Island). It’s a very interesting island, almost in the open sea, one side covered with thick forest and the opposite side featuring wind-swept rocks. Although it’s not a big island, 2 km long and… Read more »