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Helsinki’s Hidden Treasures # 2

Pyysaari 'Palma de Pyy' matches

Helsinki has many islands in the immediate surroundings. Some are large, connected to the mainland by bridge or causeway, well populated and completely serviced with shops, schools and all regular city conveniences. Others are large enough to accommodate a single-room cottage and not much more. Still others belong to the military, and although no longer… Read more »

Tall Ships Race 2013

Today I’m posting from the island of Utö. There IS a connection to Helsinki. Read on and all will be revealed! The last time I was on the island of Utö it was 26-27th July 2009. We came to see the Tall Ships leaving Turku (Utö) heading for Klaipéda (Lithuania). If you have never seen… Read more »

Helsinki’s Hidden Treasures # 1

This post is written on the go and regrettably I’m not able to upload any pictures at this point. Did you know that Helsinki City owns parcels of land outside the city limits? One of those parcels features as today’s Hidden Treasure: Elisaari. Elisaari is an island located off the Hanko peninsula, heading west from… Read more »


Exciting things will be happening with Heather’s Helsinki shortly. In order for those things to come to fruition, I need to do a few things behind the scenes and spend some time planning future posts and directions. I already have a few posts in various stages of preparation and I anticipate they’ll see the light… Read more »