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The forecast for today is…

Don’t be fooled by the phrase ‘midsummer’. Yesterday it was overcast in Helsinki, followed by plenty of wind and rain. Proper rain, not warm summer rain! Late in the day the sun put in a brief appearance, pushing through a late afternoon fog, before evening showers set in. The maximum recorded in the city centre… Read more »

Happy Midsummer

0314 this morning - the sun is about to rise

or Hauskaa Juhannusta as the locals say. At Helsinki’s latitude (60 10 N, 25 0 e) the sun does set for a few hours, however the sky does not darken, dusk merely merges into dawn. This morning the sun rose at 0354 and will set again at 2250. Midsummer also marks an unofficial start to… Read more »


My first Yobot: Vanilla, Chocolate yoghurt, muesli and berries

What do you get when you take a man from Ohio, send him to Portland for a while and then transplant him to Helsinki? I’m quite sure that the words ‘frozen yoghurt’ were not the first to spring to mind. I was first told about the Yobot shop a few months ago. Then I happened… Read more »

Helsinki Päivä / Helsinki Day

All this for a blog! (This is just not any old blog :)!)

Today, June 12th, is Helsinki Day! Helsinki’s birthday. One of those very special days that the City hosts; when there are events galore to choose from. Many are free of charge and there is always something for everyone! I will post about Helsinki Day in more detail later. For now I would like to share… Read more »

Bus, Ferry, Train or Tram?

The all important card. To borrow from a certain credit card supplier 'don't leave home without it'

Which one to use to get where you are going? It depends! For instance if I want to be somewhere in a hurry I’ll take the metro. Now, it is not the world’s most extensive network as you can see. However, it will deliver me to the city centre from Herttoniemi in about 15 minutes…. Read more »

200 years young *

Helsinki 200 year commemorative coin
(image courtesy

Okay, before you correct me, Helsinki is actually 462 years old (founded in 1550). However, as the Capital of Finland we are 200 years young this year! The story behind Helsinki becoming the capital is filled with fire and bloodshed. For instance, did you know that Finland was actually part of Sweden at the beginning… Read more »