Welcome to Helsinki!


Welcome to Helsinki! Welcome to Heather’s Helsinki! I’m so happy you found me and I’m hoping that you’ll find something here that fits the bill.

Firstly here’s a little about the name behind the face. Born and raised in Tasmania, Australia I am as you can see, and a very long way from home! I have lived in Helsinki for 12 years now and absolutely love it here.

I burn to serve! Hospitality and service is the driving force of my being. I can’t wait to share my Helsinki with you.

Currently I am building a roster of day tours of varying lengths and themes. You’ll get a good feel of ‘my Helsinki’ from the earlier blog posts.

If you have any questions about Helsinki in general, future tours or me, I’m very easy to reach and look forward to hearing from you. Whether it’s the contact form, Facebook or Twitter I’ll be replying to you within 48 hours.

Once again, welcome to Heather’s Helsinki. Let’s have fun out there!